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Located in Tianjin, BroadGrain's subsidiary, BOGU, operates processing plants in Dalian and Tianjin, with facilities that feature advanced machinery like de-stoners, gravity tables, and Buhler color sorters to ensure top-grade quality for global packers and canners. From receiving to processing, every operation is meticulously monitored to maintain high product standards.

  • BroadGrain’s China unit, Bogu (Tianjin) International Trading Ltd., launched its dry bean operations in 2013. BroadGrain China (Bogu) is now a major organic dry bean exporter from China, exporting organic and conventional dry beans to Pan-American, European and Middle Eastern canners and packers in over 40 countries around the world
  • Bogu’s head office is located in Tianjin and its leased processing plants are situated in Dalian and Tianjin. Both plants are equipped with de-stoners, gravity tables, magnets, aspirators, Buhler colour sorters and polishers to ensure beans are of highest grade and quality for packaging or canning. The processing equipment allows BroadGrain to tailor food-grade products to different market requirements.
  • Bogu has successfully developed a higher-standard quality control system to ensure the best quality beans in the market, with certifications from various organic agencies, such as National Organic Program (USA), Canadian Organic Regime (Canada) and EOS (European Union)
  • During both receiving and storing operations, quality and purity are stringently monitored to ensure product excellence. Throughout the process, sampling and testing are carried out and recorded to maintain quality standards and traceability
  • Every truckload that is received at the cleaning facility is thoroughly inspected
  • Grading criteria includes: colour, odor, flavour, moisture, imperfections, count, cracked seed, foreign matter and admixture
  • Any product that does not meet food-grade standards is rejected


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