Algeria Facility

Société d'Importation et Fabrication des Aliments des Bétails SPA (SIFAB), a joint venture between BroadGrain and SARL Sipaco, operates a cutting-edge feed mill in Setif, Algeria that specializes in soybean meal and corn production that serves the region's poultry, dairy, and livestock sectors.
Our advanced feed mill sets industry standards, featuring two production lines capable of producing 20 tons of feed per hour in pellets or 45 tons per hour in mash. Controlled temperature and steam processes enhance feed digestibility and quality. Safety and quality are paramount at SIFAB, with measures including a closed-circuit filter dust collector, stone trap, and magnet for contamination prevention, while automated cleaning ensures optimal performance.
Equipped with bagging machines and bulk loading stations, our fully automated facility prioritizes hygiene and safety, showcasing excellence in grain processing and distribution.

  • State of the art commercial feed mill located in Setif, Algeria. The facility processes corn and soybean meal into the pelleted feed to serve the local poultry sector and has 32,000 MT of bulk storage for input grains with 15,000 MT of bulk storage for soybean meal
  • The production commenced in 2020 and includes two production lines with automated processing from end-to-end and integrated micro-dosing to ensure consistency, accuracy, and traceability of vitamins, minerals, and medications applied to feed
  • Storage Capacity
    32,000 MT
  • Bulk storage for soybean meal:
    15,000 MT
algeria plant


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