• We source originate, and co-ordinate the shipment of vessel load quantities of feed- and food-grade commodities to major international markets, with annual sales in this division, typically exceeding 2 million MT per annum
  • Trade flow primarily focuses on sourcing agri-commodities from countries in the Americas or Black Sea region for shipment to customers in the Mediterranean basin and the Red Sea
  • Customer mix includes importers, feed mills, flour mills, and integrated livestock producers
  • Principal commodities – corn, soybean meal, wheat, barley, and soybeans
  • Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Everdere Logistics, manages the vessel operations for BroadGrain’s grain shipments and for third parties
  • The company has extensive experience working with ports in the Black Sea, North America, South America, Mediterranean Basin and the Red Sea

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soybeean powder

Soybean Meal





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