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Located in Kano, Nigeria, BroadGrain Africa operates a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in the processing and handling of edible and crushed sesame seeds, dry ginger, hibiscus flowers, and non-GMO soybeans. Situated on a 35,000-square-meter plot, the facility includes a 4,000 square meter aerated warehouse strategically positioned in a prime growing region for these products. Under the well-established SIMSICA(r) brand, BroadGrain Africa supplies tahini manufacturers , halawa, sesame oil, and bakeries worldwide with seasame, through our seasame processing plant that features cutting-edge equipment, including Cimbria, Westrup, and two Buhler color sorters.


SIMSICA is BroadGrain Africa’s newest state-of-the-art facility, a sesame processing plant strategically located in Kano, Nigeria. SIMSICA offers both crushing and edible grades of sesame to industries around the world, including sesame oil, tahini and halawa manufacturers, bakeries, etc. 

  • High storage capacity, air and screen machines, gravity tables, de-stoners and colour sorting technology
  • Supply of consistent high quality products through expert engineering and automatic sampling 
  • Controlled process from procurement to delivery
  • Regular in-house testing of products
  • Primarily handles sesame seed, with capabilities to process other specialty crops including ginger and hibiscus 
  • 10,000 MT of storage capacity 
  • The facility is capable of producing cleaned and colour sorted sesame at 99.9% purity, a key requirement to access lucrative end markets in Western Europe and Asia

Storage Capacity

10,000 MT

Commissioned in



Products Handled

Sesame Seeds SIMSICA ® 98

Sesame Seeds SIMSICA ® 99

Sesame Seed SIMSICA ® 99.5 Double Sortex

Sesame Seeds SIMSICA ® 99.9 Double Sortex

Dry Sliced Ginger

Hibiscus flower


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