Broadgrain Canada’s Peter Groski Reflects on scouting  experience with Broadgrain Africa Team in Nigeria.

Toronto, Canada – March 20, 2024 – Peter Groski, representing Broadgrain Canada, recently embarked on a scouting mission with the Broadgrain Africa team to study the 200 achers of land in Kawara which is part of Broadgrain collaborative initiative with the University of Ilorin aimed at bolstering agricultural education and development . What ensued was a life-changing experience that highlighted the immense potential for sustainable farming practices in the region.

Arriving in Ilorin, Kwara State during the dry season, Groski was immediately struck by the natural phenomena integral to West Africa’s growing season. Amidst mature Mango and Cashew trees, evidence of high carbon content in the soil was palpable, along with the presence of red soil indicating ideal conditions for various crops, reminiscent of Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

The farm, showcasing a variety of crops including cassava, rice, corn, sorghum, sugar, and soy, offered promising prospects. Groski observed vast expanses of land previously uncultivated, highlighting the untapped potential for agricultural development in the region.

Reflecting on familiar tasks of land clearing, Groski noted similarities between practices in Nigeria and Southwest Ontario. Addressing natural contours of the land and implementing drainage systems showcased Broadgrain’s commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Integral to the project is a philosophy of stewardship towards the land. Recognizing the acute effects of climate change in Nigeria, Groski emphasized the importance of holistic approaches combining local farming practices with modern techniques, starting with soil conservation and management.

Cover crops and no-till farming techniques will be employed to mitigate soil erosion and conserve moisture, ensuring long-term sustainability. Collaborative efforts with local communities underscore Broadgrain’s commitment to inclusive development, with a focus on positively impacting the lives of residents.

Engagement with Ilorin University’s Agriculture Department highlighted a shared enthusiasm for innovation and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of Nigerian agriculture. Groski expressed optimism in inspiring students and equipping them with the skills necessary for transformative change in their communities.

As Groski concludes his reflections, he emphasizes the abundance of opportunities for regenerative, sustainable, and carbon-neutral farming practices in Nigeria. Through collaboration and shared commitment, Broadgrain Canada looks forward to contributing to the agricultural transformation in the region.

About Broadgrain Canada: Broadgrain is a leading global agricultural trading company, committed to sustainable practices and community development. With operations spanning across continents, Broadgrain is dedicated to fostering partnerships and driving innovation in the agricultural sector.